Thursday March 5, 2009

Emergency Action Plan

We are in the midst of remarkable corrections — a corrective storm that will change how we conduct business, how we invest, and how we buy and manage assets.

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Friday September 19, 2008

Crisis Bulletin #2: September 2008 Update

The following text is from Daryl Montgomery, organizer of “Investing Meet-Up” sessions in New York. Investing Meet-Up gatherings bring together professional as well as lay investors to discuss investment opportunities, economic trends, and risks. The sessions are outstanding.

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Thursday September 18, 2008

Crisis Bulletin 1

Most investors are reeling from the country’s financial crisis. Home prices are tumbling. The stock market has come down 24% since July ‘07. For the first time ever, money market funds have lost money. And several major financial institutions have gone bust or been forced into government receivership.

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